What Goes On A Candy Table?

Confetti, ribbons, garlands, and even charming plush animals make for a lovely complement to the table setting. However, remember that little is more, and a handful of finishing touches will enough. If you’re putting up a sugar buffet to honor someone special, consider putting their name in foam letters with colored candies stuck to the top of the letters.

What do you put on a candy buffet table?

When you combine stunning colored lanterns with tablecloths and decorations that complement one other, you have the ultimate candy buffet table. Make the ultimate blue and white candy buffet by combining blue and white gumballs, blue and silver Hershey® Kisses, blue candy sticks and rock candy lollipops, and white Jordan Almonds to create the ultimate blue and white confection.

How to plan a candy bar for a party?

  1. Start thinking about the details of the candy bar with your chosen theme in mind.
  2. The placement of the candy buffet is an important consideration.
  3. Choose a position that is conveniently accessible while yet being out of the way of the action.
  4. Candy buffets are frequently found in close proximity to other dessert and meal tables.
  5. Allow for adequate traffic movement around the table by leaving enough of space surrounding the table.

What kind of candy do you serve at a wedding?

When it comes to wedding favors, here are some suggestions to get you started: Because the candy bar concept is adaptable, you can use various treats to keep things interesting. When it comes to finishing off the candy selections on the table, tiny nibbles such as nuts, biscuits, chocolate-dipped fruit, mini cupcakes, cake balls, and other small treats work nicely.

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Where can I buy candy buffet supplies?

If a candy buffet is part of your vision of the perfect party, you’ll find everything you need right here at Oriental Trading to make it happen. Glass candy buffet jars, plastic candy containers, candy scoops, and other party supplies are available. In addition, our online candy store has everything you need to put up a spectacular Christmas sweets buffet.

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