What Is The Duties And Responsibilities Of An A Deck Cadet?

  1. Maintenance and safety are two important considerations. In addition to maintaining shipboard spaces, deck cadets are also responsible for navigation and other duties. The deck cadet aids with the driving of the ship while under the direction of the captain.
  2. Work at the port. As soon as a ship arrives in port, the deck cadet is assigned to port operations in order to obtain practical experience in this aspect of a nautical profession.
  3. Preparations for a Nautical Adventure Instead of participating in the ship’s hands-on navigation, the deck apprentice ensures that the vessel is adequately equipped for its journey.
  4. Records. The deck cadet is responsible for maintaining the ship’s records.

The vessel’s departure and arrival are both recorded.Typical Deck Cadet responsibilities include aiding with the preparations for departure and arrival at port, as well as assisting with the loading of cargo.If a Cadet is employed as a seafarer in the merchant navy, he or she will be responsible for assisting in the supervision of the loading and unloading of cargo as well as the storage of goods onboard the ship.

An intern-like program aboard ships will train Deck Cadets in the safe navigation of the ship at sea, the safe and efficient loading and discharge of ship’s cargo in port, handling the ship’s legal and commercial business, as well as overseeing crew activities such as maintenance work, cargo loading and unloading, and cargo handling and unloading.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cadet or trainee?

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Cadet or Trainee: 1) Adhere to the senior’s directions when given (very important) 2) You must adhere to safe working procedures in all of your responsibilities (All you most have in mind is safety first)

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What are the duties of a deck crew on a ship?

All routine deck maintenance, including aesthetic upgrades, greasing, and repairs, among other things. All operations involving cargo work, particularly hold and tank cleaning procedures, are included here. Assistance in ballasting and deballasting operations is provided by the Duty Officer. Assistance in keeping all deck stores and their inventories in good condition.

What is your role as a cadet?

A police cadet is responsible for aiding police officers in the performance of their responsibilities in order to maintain peace and order in the community. Cadets go through rigorous training programs that include everything from police officer discipline to law enforcement procedures and tactics.

What do you mean by Deck Cadet?

A deck cadet, also known as a trainee navigational deck officer or a nautical apprentice, is a trainee who is responsible for learning the fundamental tasks of a deck officer while onboard a ship. The cadet must complete the required sea time and acquire a certificate of competency as an officer in command of a navigational watch in order to advance to the next level.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a motorman?

Among his responsibilities are routine examinations of the equipment as well as the tanks, bilge, and pump rooms. He also oversees daily operations and maintenance of the machinery. In order to hold this position, you must have a mechanical background and be familiar with diesel engines and their operation.

What is Deck Cadet salary?

Employees with less than one year of experience to two years of experience earn an average Merchant Navy Deck Cadet pay in India of 1 lakh per year. Deck Cadet salaries in the Merchant Navy range from 0.4 lakhs to 2.2 lakhs per year, depending on experience. Three different salaries from different workers of the Merchant Navy were used to create these salary estimations.

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How do I become a Deck Cadet?

What are the requirements to become a member of the deck cadets program? Qualifications in terms of education: In order to be eligible for 10+2 Science students, you must have completed Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) at a recognized board or university with a grade point average of at least 65 percent in PCM.

What should I do after deck cadet?

Initially, the deck officer is a deck cadet who, after completing the necessary sea time and examination, progresses to the rank of third officer, then second officer, and finally captain of a ship after gaining sufficient experience and knowledge.

What is the difference between oiler and Motorman?

Motorman: A certified engine rating who, although not usually, keeps watch beside the engine officer and assists him with menial jobs and during maintenance. Ensure that the machinery is properly oiled is the responsibility of the oiler in the rating system.

Is Motorman same as oiler?

It is possible for a Motorman to be working alongside other crew members such as Fitters (who specialize in welding and fabrication), Oilers (who are responsible for keeping machinery lubricated), and Wipers (who are the most entry-level cargo ship jobs for a rating in the engine department and involve wiping down the engine compartment).

What are the duties and responsibilities of an oiler?

  1. Maintenance of record logs
  2. equipment cleaning
  3. equipment operation
  4. filter replacement
  5. regular gauge checks
  6. equipment repair
  7. maintenance of record logs
  8. main responsibilities of an oiler
  9. Supply of lubricating and cooling oil is kept in good condition.

What is a deck boy?

Deck boys are defined as those who clean the decks and deck fittings of vessels.

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Is merchant navy exam difficult?

If one chooses to pursue a career in the Merchant Navy, this process becomes considerably more difficult because such information is not always readily available.The mind of an aspiring mariner is frequently loaded with ambiguities, doubts, fallacies, and various beliefs that are prevalent in and around the merchant naval profession, which can make it difficult to make an informed decision.

Does merchant navy get pension?

A meeting held in New Delhi on Monday, presided over by Director General of Shipping Amitabh Kumar, resulted in the extension of provident fund, gratuity and pension benefits to all ranks of over four lakh merchant navy seafarers working on both Indian and foreign flag ships, according to Abdulgani Y. Jain, General Secretary of the National Union of Shipping Industry (NUSI).

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cadet or trainee?

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a Cadet or Trainee: 1) Adhere to the senior’s directions when given (very important) 2) You must adhere to safe working procedures in all of your responsibilities (All you most have in mind is safety first)

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