Who Is Hans In The Hiding Place?

When the ten Boom family extends their amazing hospitality to Hans Poley, a young Christian, he becomes the family’s first visitor and benefactor in May 1943. Poley’s persecutory campaign begins with his refusal to endorse the Nazi Manifesto, which states in part: We demand that known falsehoods and their dissemination through the media be subjected to judicial action.

Who are the characters in the hiding place?

The Hiding Place is a place where people go to hide. Summary. After having breakfast and devotions with their three employees, Hans the apprentice, Toos the bookkeeper, and Christoffels the repairman, the three family members who reside in the little house, father ten Boom and his daughters Betsie and Corrie, prepare for the busy day ahead.

What is the setting of the hiding place?

The Hiding Place is a place where people go to hide. Summary. The ten Boom family of Haarlem, Holland, celebrates the one hundredth anniversary of their in-home watch store on a bright and beautiful day in January 1937, with the rest of the community.

What happens to Tante Jans in the hiding place?

In contrast to her aunt, Corrie indicates that concrete actions to care for one’s family and serve others are more essential than theological talks through this comparison. Corrie’s grandmother, Tante Jans, dies of diabetes when she is a teenager. Download a printable PDF version of the whole The Hiding Place LitChart.

What happened to the Beje group in the hiding place?

Six individuals are still safely hidden in the hiding location, despite the fact that the Gestapo has threatened to starve them out of existence.After being arrested, the Beje gang is taken to Scheveningen Prison, where everyone except Corrie, Betsie, and Father is held until their release.Father is transferred to a hospital after 10 days in Scheveningen, where he succumbs to his injuries.

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Who are the major characters in the hiding place?

  1. The Hiding Place is a place where people go to hide. Characters Corrie ten Boom is a fictional character created by author Corrie ten Boom. An elderly Dutch widow, the protagonist and narrator of the story, converts her home into a hiding place for Jews during the Nazi occupation of Holland.
  2. Betsie ten Boom is a fictional character created by author Betsie ten Boom. Pickwick.
  3. Tante Jans.
  4. Tante Anna.
  5. Tante Bep
  6. Corrie’s older sister
  7. Father / Casper ten Boom.
  8. Mama
  9. Casper ten Boom

Who was Frau Mikes in the hiding place?

In June, the inmates were moved to a different facility for their safety. Frau Mikes was the one who deceived the ten Boom family and caused them to suffer. Mr. Moorman was the foreman of the jail factory at the time of his death.

What is Pickwick’s real name in the hiding place?

Pickwick. Despite the fact that his true name is Herman Sluring, his pals believe he resembles the images from Charles Dickens’ novel. Pickwick is a really unattractive man, but he is a wonderful buddy who is involved in the underground movement in the Netherlands.

Who is christoffels?

A senior member of the watch shop’s workforce. Christoffels was formerly an itinerant clock repairman, but now that his trade has fallen out of favor, he settles down in Father’s employ and quickly becomes a treasured part of the family.

What were Corrie ten Boom’s aunts names?

Corrie grew up with three elder siblings, Betsie, Willem, and Nollie, who were all very close. Three of her maternal aunts, Tante Bep, Tante Jans, and Tante Anna, shared a home with her and her siblings.

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Who is Peter’s sister in the hiding place?

Smit is a last name that every member of the Dutch Underground uses so that if one of them is apprehended, the authorities will not be able to identify the true names of the persons who operate in the Underground. In the course of the razzia, she confesses to the Nazis that Peter and the other brother are hiding beneath a table and that they are Peter and the other brother.

What does Kik do in the hiding place?

Kik, like his cousin Peter, is an integral part of Corrie’s operation, serving as a ″runner″ to transport supplies and news between several safe homes. Corrie’s friend Kik gets captured while assisting an American parachutist in reaching the North Sea during Corrie’s imprisonment in a concentration camp, and he is later deported to Germany.

How did corries father reassure her?

What did Corrie’s father say to comfort her? The Father warned her not to ‘get ahead of the Father.’ He also reminded her that the Father knows exactly when she will want certain items.

What did the nurse give Corrie?

Corrie is diagnosed with pre-tuberculosis two weeks after the first diagnosis. Corrie is given soap, safety pins, and four Gospels from the Bible by a loving nurse who cares for her.

What happened to Corrie ten Boom’s family?

German detention camp Ravensbrück was the destination for Corrie and Betsie ten Boom when the Nazis transferred them to it in September 1944. In Ravensbrück, the sisters were able to remain together until Betsie passed away in December of that year.

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Who is Kapteyn in the hiding place?

IMDB: The Hiding Place (1975) – Michael Sheard in the role of Kapteyn

Who is Rolf van Vliet in the hiding place?

A Dutch police officer who was also a distant family friend prior to the war. The fact that he works in the jail where Jews and other prisoners are housed causes Corrie to be wary of him at the beginning of the occupation.

Why does Casper Fire Otto?

Despite the fact that Father hired Otto from Germany to be an apprentice, he terminated him when he discovered Otto’s anti-Semitism, as well as the knife he kept in his chamber and his lack of regard for the old Christoffels.

What did Lieutenant Rahms do for Corrie?

Lieutenant Rahms is kind to her and provides her a comfortable chair and a nice fire, but he then informs her that she must confess everything. When Corrie tries to justify her treatment of the crippled, he dismisses her as being unreasonable. Rahms arrives the next day, and he and Corrie take a walk in the fresh air.

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